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tbh suspicious of anyone who suggests a gross violation of a woman’s body with intent rooted in sexuality isn’t sexual assault

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i was not going to post or comment on this outfit but it won’t stop bothering me so let me just put it out there.

Amber is clearly trying to relive her glory days here, before she had her baby because she doesn’t have the body that this dress requires for it to work, the back of it didn’t do as much damage as the front, her tummy, those thighs, the proportions are off.

so ladies, if you are going to go revealing this Spring/Summer please remember that it doesn’t just boil down to having a toned body

i was not going to post or comment on this outfit but it won’t stop bothering me so let me just put it out there.

Amber honestly looks so good, this outfit probably cost several grand but shes making it look like a billion dollars. Her thighs look hot her back looks hot she could have had six million babies and still look this good 

ladies if you are going go revealing this season just do it work the muffin top or your flat ass or your thick legs and arms bcause a toned body is not a requirement for making this dress look sexy tbh imo fortheloveofnavyblueandopenskies eats her own shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner 

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some of the most sensitive areas of the female body

look at all the regions that are not titties and vagina guys

porn has lied to you. there are other places you can touch that sensitive and pleasurable. 

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When a trans being tells you it’s okay for mistakenly using the wrong name or pronouns, it means the instance is forgiven or dismissed and the conversation can move on. In reality, it still hurts but we say it’s okay because we understand you are making an effort to get it right. This is not an invitation to stop making that effort. You are not the exclusion to the rule.

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just a comparison between Suigimori’s official character art from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire  to the originals. The redesigns are pretty great in my opinion

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